Chef de Mission exercice 2008 in BA-115 Orange-caritat

report by: Pierry-Yves LECOEUR


During the last week of january and the first of february 2008 was held on Base Aerienne 115 at Orange-Caritat the exercice { Chef de Mission }. This exercice is in each point comparable to the NATO TLP ( Tactical Leadership Programme ) but with the specificity to only involve French Air Force and French Navy squadrons.

The main goal of this exercice must lead the crews to learn the Nato procedures. A specific aspect of the course is to conduct the formation commanders to take the lead of multiple and discimilar aircraft type missions with a day after day increasing level of complexity. All the aspect of Air Warfare can make the object of a specific mission.

On a general basis of COMAOs ( Composite Air Operations ), the missions can have for goal the Air Defence; or Air to ground / Air to Sea scenarios. During each mission, all the main types of aircraft in the Armée de l’ Air inventory;
were noted. We were able to note the local Mirage 2000C together with the EC-12 from Cambrai AB. The Mirage 2000-5 from EC-2 at Dijon, M-2000D from Nancy AB then M-2000N from Luxeuil and Istres AB. About the Mirage F-1, the CR version from Reims AB and the CT from Colmar AB took part to their specific missions

During some specific missions, were employed from their local base; some KC-135 from Istres AB and E-3F from Avord
AB. After a substantial briefing and specific preparations for some part of the mission, the crews were led to the planes
apron. In a full respect of their scheduled time of departure all the fleet took the air for an average duration of one hour. Of course more a little bit more time was necessary for the  with air to air refuelling.

After a full fleet recovery, a complete debriefing was led by all the staff and involved crews . Globalairpower would like to express his sincere thanks to all the poeple that permited this  superb visit.