REIMS CHAMPAGNE – Base Aerienne 112 – July 2005

Report by : Pierre-Yves LECOEUR


BA.112 opened in October 1928. After various unit changes throughout the thirties, the base was used by the Royal Air Force with Fairey Battles. It was captured by the Germans in June 1940 and occupied until August 1944. From September 1945, it was used by the U.S Air Force until being handed back to the French Air Force in 1950. After De Havilland Vampires, Republic F-84 Thunderjet and North American F-100 Super Sabre ; 30th Fighter Wing saw the arrival of the Vautour IIN in 1961.

The first Mirage F.1’s arrived here in 1973 with the current units (01/033 and 02/033) moving here in 1994 from Strasbourg with their F.1CR. The first Mirage F.1 prototype flew on 23rd December 1966 and was accepted into service with the French Air Force in May 1967. The Mirage F.1CR tactical reconnaissance version first flew on the 20th November 1981. Sixty-four of these aircraft were produced and entered service in July 1983.

The Mirage F.1CT was a conversion of the Mirage F.1C-200 airframe into a dedicated ground attack version. This came about when the withdrawal of the SEPECAT Jaguar and Mirage 5 left the Armee De L’Air.

The Mirage F.1B is the 2 seat version for the basic training school on the M F.1 type . They are the unique members of the F.1 familly to have saved the ‘ Blue ‘ colors of the initial C version. As usual in Reims , you have to stay far from the fence to not be disturbed by the ‘ Maréchaussée ‘

Globalairpower did particularly appreciate this journey spent around Reims Airbase, then we expect to do it again soon!