Saudi Green Flag EGQS 2007-08-27

report by : Thierry LETELLIER


In August 2007 RAF LOSSIEMOUTH on the Moray Firth in Scotland became host of SAUDI GREEN FLAG2007 .This was the second part of a joint exercice with 617 Squadron of the Royal Air Force who had been Deployed to Saudi Arabia . The goal was to take part in exercice Loan Frame , the year before.

Were sent to Scotland ; eight Tornados IDS from 75 Squadron of ROYAL SAUDI AIR FORCE based at King Abdullah Aziz Air Base near Dharan . During my 3 days stay in Scotland , at the end of the first week ; i only saw the Saudies and locals . This time was mostly employed for familiarisation flights . We were also lucky to have the departure of the SE-3A from 23th Squadron

In the second part of the exercice , They were joined by Bae Typhoon F.2’s from 3 Squadron and the Tornado F3 flying from Leuchars . At this time , the missions were established to use the UK Low Flying areas as well as :   The Electronic Warfare Tactical Range at Spadeadam . The use of Tain and Wiley Sike Air Weapons Ranges was also permited . At the conclusion of the exercice both countries admited the real gain in experiences on both sides and alredy plans for a next edition ….

As always , it was a little bit chalenging to make a trip to Scotland , due to the extremely ” versatile ”  weather conditions .But i was satisfied by the result .