Thierry Letellier

Thierry Letellier


21/01/1958 – 20/09/2023

From as early as the age of 13 years, Thierry was passionate about aircraft! 

His first experience of the huge aviation scene began at the Paris Air Show in 1971 . From that moment there was no stopping him and Thierry’s interest went from strength to strength.

In 1976 through his love of aviation, Thierry found an ideal workplace to continue his enthusiasm! He joined the French Navy for 5 years from 1976 to 1981 and his final assignment was to be taken as an aeronautical mechanic in “Flottille” 16F based in Landivisiau, a “Flottille” equipped at the time with the Etendard IV P.
He notably made 1 campaign with the 16F on the FOCH aircraft carrier.
After that he finally had the opportunity in 1983 to join the French Ministry of Transports and its branch specialized in Civil Aviation : D.G.A.C… remaining there for 38 years, only retiring due to his ailing health in January 2021. He was notably an air traffic controller at the Tower of CAEN Carpiquet Airport.

In 2005 Thierry established the website Always wanting to strive for better access and a wider presentation of his passion, his website provided a natural home for short articles and reports of various airfield visits and base exercises. These reports were provided by both Thierry and his large number of friends and acquaintances and upon receipt, Thierry would edit them into short pictorial articles covering some very interesting and diverse aviation happenings around the world!

It was through his website and his global travels that many people met up with Thierry. From Alaska to Australia, Central Europe to Canada & North America, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea & Taiwan to India & Bangladesh, Thierry visited all of them!

Thierry was quite distinctive in that he carried around with him one of the largest telescopic camera lenses Canon produced. What is more, Thierry was superbly generous and let many photographic colleagues borrow his lens to experience for themselves, the difference in photography such a lens could provide! Without exception, he would gladly swap to one of his smaller lenses in order to facilitate a colleague who had never experienced the use of his major lens!